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Winded twists

If you were an operating system, and you were due for a major update, your designers might choose to start over from the ground up to add functionality and glom on an emulation layer to maintain compatibility with all the old things that you're connected to. For people, this is kind of like moving out of the country, or getting a new career. You keep answering emails, you tweak your profiles. Your APIs remain compatible. But now you're speaking a new language, or whatever. Maybe it's more like those people that wake up without any memories in the movies and start over. But they remember something.

I have a fish who, regardless of his intended purpose (as a slow moving warm weather circler), is apparently immune to any ill effects that might be caused by leaving the window open in the fall. This is interesting. He is also pretty good at meandering toward food sprinkles. Bettas would slowly take over the world if the males weren't so keen on ripping each other to threads.

Google bought YouTube. Everybody knew this was going to happen because there was a leak, just like at HP. This is scary: I don't imagine that information gets lost very easily at Google, so I blame one of the 60 or so YouTube employees (probably very drunk right now). Anyway. 1.6 BILLION dollars. BILLION. Amazing. Incidentally, YouTube has become one of my favorite sources of information/entertainment. Crazy. I don't even like video blogs. Who has time? Text scans better. But YouTube trumps TV, except it's not on one.

I found myself watching a bit of Lost Boys last night. The cool thing about vampires is they don't age. You might be seven hundred years old, but the maiden through the window is always like 19. Super creepy. When you're a vampire you keep getting older, but the chicks stay the same age.

Please strike that last from the record.

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