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Did Glenn Beck murder and rape a girl in 1990?

Lots of questions are being asked about Glenn Beck, a guy on Fox news.  It would be sad if a venerable and popular fair and balanced news channel like Fox News had been supporting a man who may or may not be a murderer all these years.  Clearly there are questions that must be answered.

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Hello from THE FUTURE

If you are one of the handful of people that used to read this blog or subscribe to its RSS feed you might think by my posting history that my life ended after the election last year.  To the contrary, things have been very interesting, I just hadn't been happy with this platform.  Everything else (I mean Facebook and Twitter, pretty much) just seems a little too general to use to drop crazy poetry, thoughts, found things and general stoked bits of happiness/laments that require a little more work than tweeting.  That, combined with a job that threw me in the middle of the whole social networking/blogging thing almost so much that I became more interested in it as a phenomenon rather than an outlet has lead to Throb's poor disuse.  I think (now that enough time has passed that nobody comes here anymore AND Typepad has had a much overdue feature update) I have license to once again use this space to unload after work. Hopefully, now, I'll be able to creatively engage with Throb in a meaningful way again.

I'll keep the majority of stupid things I trip across on the web to myself or my Reddit or Twitter or Facebook accounts and I'll use this space to create, store and share stuff I do myself.  Hope you like it, but I'm not too worried about it.

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Barack watching McCain concession speech

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Never thought I'd post a C-Span mash-up, but this is pretty awesome:

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Hype Cycle

...sounds like what I ride to work in the morning.  But no:


via TechCrunch

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The big picture


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Video player

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Tiltviewer - for your Flickr browsing needs

Tiltviewer is a nifty little AJAX app I tripped across. Surprisingly fun way to trip through the best of Flickr. Seems to work best in Firefox.


I guess you can also customize this and make your own.

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Dead Puppies

Random bonus reference to former Senator Roman Hruska, champion of mediocrity.

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We have been waiting our entire lives to exact our revenge on you shade-loving pink things


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Where the hell was Mojo?

Kind of horrible. But I smiled.


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Why I love Reddit

WALL*E is pissing off fat people

In other news: Fat People Continue to Open Themselves Up to Ridicule

In fairness, they do offer a wide target.

Well, I guess I know where you weigh-in on the subject of obesity.

He's right, obesity is a very large problem.

Perhaps we should try to lighten up this heavy topic with some fun puns..?

That would only minimize the gravity of the situation.

I don't know about you guys but I can't weight to see this movie.

What are they blubbering on about anyway?

Hey now, this is a big issue in some peoples eyes.


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Streaming mobile music services

Have made this case so many times in so many ways in the last three years. Hope it catches on eventually. We were, perhaps, a bit too early.

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Recursive 3D

Oooo.... this zoomy recursive 3D fractalish thing is cool. Makes me think it would be cool to try to tell a story through zoom. Would be kind of Buddha, no beginning, no end, just cycles. It could branch even...

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I think it is good I am always I might be crazy

It's so nice to be working so hard again; I'm at a place full of fresh new ideas and it's got the spirit to chase them. Life is full of predators and competition and dirty nibbling bastards with noisome and poisonous beaks... but it's also full of promising new horizons and deliciousness and doggone it, people like me.

I've been working on a few things. One of them is my silly taking-forever robot project. The basic idea is to create armatures, systems, of counterbalanced springs and hydraulic or wire-tensioned levers to conduct organized work. I think, if carefully done, that even low powered motors and actuators and a simple PC brain can make such a machine perform elegant things in the world.

I went to Orcas Island last weekend and saw an incredibly inspiring sculpture park belonging to the artist Anthony Howe. Talk about a fresh vision. This amazing man lives super close to Seattle and, while there's some inspiring stuff in our sculpture park, very little of the the projects displayed come close to the evocative lusty and raw elegance of Mr. Howe's strangely natural creations.
All I want to do is take what Anthony Howe has done and goose it with a little technology.

That said, probably this robot project is taking forever because it has no clear goals or milestones: it's just a funky tinkerer's mirage. Like most of you I am a mostly blind blunderer intently focused on creating a knockout story in my own personal dreamspace.

Here's a good thing to watch instead of American Idol or whatever tonight: www.ted.net.

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I have seen the future and it is neato

I've been a little out of touch as I've changed jobs recently, but I should have a real update soon. Meanwhile check out this awesome thing:

Needs a lobotomizing claw, but other than that it's almost perfect. Maybe duct tape a phone to it so you can control it remotely while you ever so gently take over the world...

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5 years too many

5 years too many, originally uploaded by spring_peeper.

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The Singing Tree

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Children of the Cooooorn!

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