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Less dangerous this one, I hope

I've been sleeping oddly lately, I think because I've been drinking less and because it's fall. I entered a semi-lucid state this morning about 3am in which very tasty bizarre things were occuring all over the place. I was aware I was in a dream but didn't try fiddling with it much. I'll spare you the details but here's a curious part:

There was a small baby in a birthday card. Kind of part of the card. I pulled it out to hand it to my mother and it kind of dissolved into a fetus-like chunk of mewling flesh a little like something out of a Cronenberg movie. Like a living rat brain in a petri dish or flesh grown in a lab. Then things got strange.
As my mom took the baby thing, it started morphing again. A pink spongy, gelatinous slug-like thing. Aware of us and itself. Stateshift. A palpitating undersea sponge universe with slowly waving arms with sensors on the ends of them. A plasmoid ectomorph! It spoke to us telepathically: "What's wrong with you? What's wrong with you?"
By our reactions this was something of an oddity in this place.

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"My baloney has a first name.
It's O.S.C.A.R.
My baloney has a second name.
It's M.E.Y.E.R."

Posted by: Sr. Squat | Nov 1, 2004 1:27:46 PM

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