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Story Seeds

• A woman dies and leaves behind a man who has visions of her ghost. He spends the rest of his life getting closer and closer to recreating her.

• The Devil performs oral sex on a woman for eternity.

• A man is engineered who has no sense of pain. A time, deep in his adolescence, he is curious and peels back the skin on his face, starting around one of his eyes. He pulls back his own skin until his entire head is staring back at him in the mirror, gleaming muscle and blood. He finds it beautiful and rips the skin off his entire body. If he flexes he can squirt. He wraps himself in a shower curtain.

• There is a man who hears new symphonies in his head. He can’t write fast enough to get them down, so he goes through an operation to implant a chip which interfaces his brain with a computer recording device. Every subtle note that goes through his head is transferred to his software. He listens to his music. Some kind of recursive feedback loop occurs and his head explodes.

• Humanity overpopulates Earth and succeeds in terraforming Mars. Martians make better jazz and cultivate unusual flowers, but the best wine comes from Australia.

• An asteroid hits the planet and kills everyone except for you and me and maybe a couple of weirdoes. It’s lonely.

• The red states band together and declare independence against the blue states. Civil war ensues. The borders of the world become insolvent. Genetically-determined groups declare a new kind of non-local sovereignty. As do groups of like mind, groups of like culture, gays and lesbians. Everybody has The Bomb. A new kind of order/disorder memescape.

• A sex-obsessed woman is jailed for her indiscriminate acts of other-pleasuring. She can seduce any male. She sees herself as a tool to pleasure men. She falls helplessly in love with a guard at the jail who is a eunuch and cannot be pleased, but the irony escapes her.

• You keep dying. But you wake up, as if it didn’t happen. Every day you die a surprise death and every morning you wake up. You aren’t scared any more, you start to control it, you start to play with it. You set up your own deaths. You are immortal, but the catch is: you have to continue dying. Maybe it happens that you start killing yourself the way you like best as soon as you wake up everyday. Maybe it gets faster and faster and faster.

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Yeah, I know, Groundhog's Day. I just work here.

Posted by: Robby | Nov 6, 2004 8:34:12 PM

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