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A bunch of stuff

  • I'm maybe just about sort of ready to start thinking about chasing girls again. Elaine made me promise to wait until July 4 though, and she usually gives good advice.
  • People who stand still and get in the way on escalators and people movers (at airports, typically) really erk me. Especially if they're... caloric storage devices.
  • I got on stage at a show last night, kind of accidentally, and made up some words and singing stylings, and thought I did ok. Afterwards a "friend" told me I should "stay in the audience."
    I like performing, and I'm new to it, and I don't exactly focus on it, so I don't have vast quantities of "material," but who needs friends like that? It's fun to play music on equipment and sing into amps and stuff. Can I sing? Who knows!?
    Another friend told me my mic wasn't on, which made things even more... confusing.
  • Revenge of the SIFF!
  • I'm supposed to be in my buddy Matt's documentary tomorrow, in which I'll tell the story of my life, or some life I wish I'd led.
  • I'm working on editing and reviewing another friend's first fictionish book. He was in Iraq during the war and saw a bunch of interesting things, but chose to embellish or augment the experiences he had. This will be a big seller, it's awesome.
  • I would never do a reality show. I'm already in one.

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