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Ask Metafilter

I lost my Metafilter password, and I emailed Mathowie, but he won't send it to me. I can't post from my new computers! How do I get back in? The lost password thing is broken (see below) and I'm sure my email address of record has changed anyway. Gripe gripe gripe...


Update: Brilliantly I set my email address to "rhruska at gmail.com" instead of "rhruska@gmail.com," trying to avoid spam. Apparently the MeFi backend isn't as clever as I am (Tom Swift said, posting his email address on his.. blog). Maybe I should get a new account with a superhigh (and uncool) user number and a name that's a little more witty than "rhruska," which I typed in because I signed up during a rare time-sensitive free sign-up window about 3 years ago. Gripe gripe gripe.

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