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Nice Dream

I'm at a giant art gallery/gift store full of gorgeous surreal paintings and sculptures. A bunch of tier 2 friends from high school are everywhere. They seem to know what's going on much better than I do. Upstairs there is some kind of track meet going on. I'm invited to join in a sprint, but I don't have my running shoes, so I take a shortcut outside with a buddy. Outside it's early evening. A startled bat flies up out of a stairwell, turns into a butterfly and promptly lands right in the middle of a spiderweb, which appears to be a flat, iridescent sheet of neoprene. Now that I'm looking, there's another butterfly on a web just behind the first. One of them manages to sort of flop her way off and flutter away, the other is eaten by a beautiful hairy spider. Cue operatic music. Another friend comes and picks me up in a black sports car and we drive away, lighting Kamel Reds.

This is when I was woken up by a horny songbird on my window sill. I love Spring.

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