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Story Seeds, Part II

About 6 months later, some more:

  • A couple of kids wander away from summer camp and discover a lake with a mysterious platform floating in its center. Overcome with curiosity, they try to swim out to it, but it keeps pulling itself away from them. Eventually they find themselves past the point of no return and drown, exhausted.
  • The accelerating march of progress reaches a singularity point. The speed of ideas and their execution, no longer constrained by human intelligence or rates of physical manufacture, creates markets that explode and die in seconds. The development and death of entire economies occurs at the speed of whim. Humans are the seeds of vast crystalline and invisible interconnecting vibrating structures of energy, stretching to every expanse of the universe. Some dumb kid screws it up for everybody by dreaming something wrong.
  • A cat coughs up a hairball that seems to be a new kind of life. Unfortunately, it preys on mites which live in cat hair. The hairball rolls around, voraciously vacuuming the hair off of kitties, occasionally pausing to bifurcate and reproduce itself.
  • Human beings begin mining the moon after it becomes less expensive to do so than to recycle consumer goods. We develop highly sophisticated conduits to move mass from outside our atmosphere. Every day thousands of tons of material are deposted in the african desert, neatly sorted by gravity into component elements. Gradually, the moon changes shape, becomes misformed and starts spinning more slowly around the earth. Circadian rhythms of life start slipping into new patterns. Women have fewer periods.
  • A new trend breaks when new, healthy vitamin and hormone loaded cigarettes are brought to market. People stop eating, relying on smoking for sustainence. Over a lifetime, smokers' digestive tracks shrivel, disused, and the alveoli in their lungs become the hungry mouths of yearning baby birds, absorbing air with unholy vigor. All forms of air pollution go away. We evolve into big bags with lips that suck and exhale.
  • Everything evolves all at once, totally messing up a bunch of theories and creating a bunch of others in the new parts of our brains.
  • Humanity descends back into the dark ages after ideologies currenly in vogue in Kansas thwart the best efforts of scientific progress. A wizard named Twiddletwat remasters the mysterious art of compost piles and is burned at the stake. His consorts, Bumblemuff and Glitterclit, discover lesbianism. All hell breaks loose.
  • Hillary Clinton gets elected president. Being associated with liberal politics somehow becomes annoying.

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