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Mindbogglingly awesome ideas for art projects

  • Erotic Fractals - Chunks of photos of female body parts laid out in complex geometric patterns, (quite obviously) condemning the objectification of women while alluding to the great works of surrealism, op art.
  • The above rendered as a sculpture.
  • The above rendered as a sculpture but with some references to toys, robots and grocery store products added, ala Jeff Koons, via Warhol.
  • The above scaled so as to achieve earthworks scale.
  • The above wrapped in canvas.
  • Naked children climbing added to the above, ala Led Zeppelin.
  • Top down pictures taken of above, ala Google Maps, incorporated via hack-art into said website when you search for "God" or other all-encompassing unlimited art-capable word or words.
  • Use of open APIs to add touching and/or disturbing labels to bits of above and/or incorporate data from other websites.
  • Video installation demonstrating use of above. Should be given a clever name using words like "Composted" or "Recycled" or "Placenta."
  • Dance/musical to be performed under projection of above.
  • Cocking of audience eyebrows to be directed towards scary homeless guy masturbating to public performance of above
  • as he rants.

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