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Totally bitchin' phone

...with the catchy knock-out name "Samsung SPH MM-A900." Sometimes I have no idea what the marketing folks at *insert operator name here* and *insert phone manufacturer here* are thinking. It's really hard to get all lusty about a string of letters and numbers, regardless of the daily habits of most of the developers I work with. (sorry).

Anyway, got my hands on one of these today and was literally giddy like a schoolgirl. Hard nipples. Squealing. So forth and so on. Thin, sexy, 3G. Good lord, the end game for this stuff is like, so sweet. OMG industrial design, applied to a PHONE! Whodathunkit? Oh MM-A900 how I heart thee.


...oh, and this is much better than the RAZR, which is a dumb but pretty cheerleader with bleached hair and a boyfriend who gets it, but doesn't get it.

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It occurs to me that all phone names are strings of letters and numbers. I just wanted to preemptively thank you for not pointing that out here.

Posted by: Rob | Jan 11, 2006 8:14:40 PM

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