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The devil's in the details

I watched you facetilt, speedfilmtime
moveme 'rupting disneyblossom

lovetrance deathflirt firecrackerdreambeauty

Caught snakedance growingyou ci'cadian
Riskward lifeboogie crotchthrob relent'ittle

Dug your shedskin newburst
into candleflicker
pulsingheat emberglow

Watched your rehatchbeforebegintual
Regad your rebirth
antirandom heatseeker
Grokked your monologue, I think

I'm proud of you

Sheepshit you riskstate permafrost
Composted blindface zygotemonkey you;
mozarted potent triggered repeatsynchtimes of
cannonized lovegiving fatherprune opensun

Venturisqueezed you free outwardcycle
into unstatic mefreedom
while you nailed your ubertests
and your
come to sacredcows

Love to see you fly babe
like I love you do

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Christ this needs a thousand rewrites

Posted by: Robby | Mar 12, 2006 10:55:48 PM

crotchthrob - love it!

Posted by: Ubiquitous | Mar 13, 2006 6:09:26 AM

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