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My life in numbers:

  • The number of men or women I've killed in my life = 0 (I think).
  • The number of insects I've killed in my life = the number of times I've been annoyed enough to successfully overcome their pesky self-preservation instincts through the skillful application of ancient-inherited-genetic-trait-related-counter-insect program activities.
  • The number of people I would kill if there weren't negative repercussions associated with my action to do so = 0 (I think - but I have some mean-ass friends who might tie you down and tickle the hell out of you if you're a dick to me, so watch out)
  • The number of enemies I have = 0 (unless you count insects or bastards who are being sneaky, I think).
  • The number of people I love/have loved in a romantic way = this question doesn't make any sense any more.
  • The number of hours I sleep at night = Depends on what you mean.
  • Ok, the number of hours I am completely out like a light or dreaming or whatever = Feels like about 5 really good minutes.
  • Um. The number of times I've really engaged with the big bunch of folks I really love and don't see enough and have missed over the last couple of months = too few, I'm sorry.
  • The number of times I've posted to my blog lately = too few again, I'm suddenly shy. Sorry about that too. I still laugh my ass off a good number of times a day, I'll try to relate these more.

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