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That suspicion you're forgetting something

General insanity, like there's any other kind.

Frustrated because we're all acting like this will work.
We're all acting like it's raining gold, not magma.
We all seem to think that if we keep throwing bodies on the pyre eventually we will smother it.

Got a place for myself so I can scream without waking people up, then I had to get a roommate.

I interact with a world of ghosts. I try to say something nice or interesting or shocking to them everyday, but sometimes I'm distracted. Today I was lost in thought and completely forgot to flirt with the mexican lunch lady.

Must sleep with ex-girlfriend to get some kind of perspective. Or go on a vacation.

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not quite sure how to reply here, but to let you know there are people out here reading who care and are a little confused by this. I'm hoping it's the whisky-soaked ramblings of a beat poet. But if not, call me. I'm up.

Posted by: amani | Dec 5, 2007 1:05:19 AM

It's just ramblings. I was looking back to the days when I'd slam free verse on Throb all the time. I guess this time it just came out a little depressing. But thanks :)

Posted by: Rob | Dec 5, 2007 10:04:07 AM

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