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I think it is good I am always I might be crazy

It's so nice to be working so hard again; I'm at a place full of fresh new ideas and it's got the spirit to chase them. Life is full of predators and competition and dirty nibbling bastards with noisome and poisonous beaks... but it's also full of promising new horizons and deliciousness and doggone it, people like me.

I've been working on a few things. One of them is my silly taking-forever robot project. The basic idea is to create armatures, systems, of counterbalanced springs and hydraulic or wire-tensioned levers to conduct organized work. I think, if carefully done, that even low powered motors and actuators and a simple PC brain can make such a machine perform elegant things in the world.

I went to Orcas Island last weekend and saw an incredibly inspiring sculpture park belonging to the artist Anthony Howe. Talk about a fresh vision. This amazing man lives super close to Seattle and, while there's some inspiring stuff in our sculpture park, very little of the the projects displayed come close to the evocative lusty and raw elegance of Mr. Howe's strangely natural creations.
All I want to do is take what Anthony Howe has done and goose it with a little technology.

That said, probably this robot project is taking forever because it has no clear goals or milestones: it's just a funky tinkerer's mirage. Like most of you I am a mostly blind blunderer intently focused on creating a knockout story in my own personal dreamspace.

Here's a good thing to watch instead of American Idol or whatever tonight: www.ted.net.

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