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Hello from THE FUTURE

If you are one of the handful of people that used to read this blog or subscribe to its RSS feed you might think by my posting history that my life ended after the election last year.  To the contrary, things have been very interesting, I just hadn't been happy with this platform.  Everything else (I mean Facebook and Twitter, pretty much) just seems a little too general to use to drop crazy poetry, thoughts, found things and general stoked bits of happiness/laments that require a little more work than tweeting.  That, combined with a job that threw me in the middle of the whole social networking/blogging thing almost so much that I became more interested in it as a phenomenon rather than an outlet has lead to Throb's poor disuse.  I think (now that enough time has passed that nobody comes here anymore AND Typepad has had a much overdue feature update) I have license to once again use this space to unload after work. Hopefully, now, I'll be able to creatively engage with Throb in a meaningful way again.

I'll keep the majority of stupid things I trip across on the web to myself or my Reddit or Twitter or Facebook accounts and I'll use this space to create, store and share stuff I do myself.  Hope you like it, but I'm not too worried about it.

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