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August 22, 2006

As an exercise in positive visioning, I've decided to write what I hope is a typical Throb entry one year from now:

  • Woke up and ran to the gym, backwards. I can now do 100 inclined situps with 20 lbs on my chest in one minute. Abs are now visible through fairly loose t-shirts. For some reason calves are sore from marathon sex last night.
  • Heard back from publisher, book edits came back. Entire chapter on my interactive art show in Ibeza is omitted.
  • Beth is in counseling again. Apparently it is difficult to maintain a well-rounded relationship with such a hyper-intelligent and handsome man. I'm thinking about telling Jason to take it easy on her.
  • Sprint-Nextel-Cingular-T-Mobile has decided to go with Google-Real to be their sole media content delivery platform! I almost told them to go to hell after they low-balled us and we signed with China Mobile-Unicom-DoCoMo, but decided I could spare the 30 or so developers and QA heads we need to pull this off.
  • It seems my standards document has made it to the desk of some pretty powerful folks. Bill Gates famously remarks: "I wish I had this kind of vision when I was young." Jobs is being close-mouthed, but Pixle has applied for a bunch of patents to create devices based on MUI APIs.
  • Of course, you already know about Matt dancing in the Space Station. Way to go man!
  • I've almost forgotten what a hangover feels like.
  • Can't wait for Burning Man.

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