Interview with Dustin

My friend Dustin is interviewed in RADAR magazine online about his experiences as a translator in Iraq. Dustin's got a wicked razor-sharp wit on him, this is a harrowing story and an entertaining read.


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Girl Scout

A friend recently worked for the Boy Scouts of America as a District Executive Commando (or something). A big part of her job was to approve or deny applications for scout masters, leaders, scout event role models. Keep out the gay folks, athiests, etc.
A guy applies for a job under her watch who has a record as a sex offender who preys on boys. She objects to his approval as a trip leader. Her objection is received with dismay and denial by her superiors (she says). He's not really gay, nor is he an atheist. They really need scout masters right now.
Anyway, in an interesting end to the story, she apparently mooned her superior and walked away from her job.
Jolly good show mate.

UPDATE: You know, the more I think about this the more I'm not sure I buy it. It could all be a joke. Come to think of it, the Belltown Pizza thing might be a joke or disinformation too, as well as being totally irrelevant to almost everyone.

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Team America!

Went to see Team America pre-release tonight. Same kind of nauseating hilarity that you get from South Park. Its best moments are its simplest: the fundamental flaws of puppetry make it into the final cut to great effect. Its weakest points are its somewhat odd and mediocre political stance and just the fact that it's a little too long. I'm not a movie reviewer, but this one was pretty damn funny and worth your eight bucks.

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