Learning Italian with Fabio

Lesson 1 (318 K) "I can part my hair with my tongue."
Lesson 2 (344 K) "There is a party in my pants, and you are the guest of honor."
Lesson 3 (333.8 K) "Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money?"
Lesson 4 (394.3 K) "You are as beautiful as the Venus de Milo. Except for the arms."
Lesson 5 (312.9 K) "All those curves, and me with no brakes."
Lesson 6 (322.5 K) "Can I get some fries with that shake?"
Lesson 7 (286 K) "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."
Lesson 8 (321.5 K) "If you don't kiss me now, I'm going to throw up."
Lesson 9 (291.3 K) "I'm not wearing any underwear."
Lesson 10 (346.8 K) "I like what you're wearing. Can I talk you out of it?"
Lesson 11 (311.9 K) "Please give me some clothes. I'm naked."


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Touch Ringtones


Here's a way to set yourself up for happiness in the future: order cool stuff off the web and then forget you ordered it. Today's lucky surprise: I found in my mailbox at work this delicous cd of ringtones created by artists at an obscurish record label in the UK, Touch. I am completely head over heels for these. If you have a phone that can play mp3 tones and have tastes which tend toward the post-modern, obscure or interesting I suggest you buy it. Kind of makes that tired Nelly clip seem... meh, IMHO.

Some of my favorites
Big zip of way more of my favorites
New York Times link about ringtones as art

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I've always had a bit of an interest in the occult; mostly, I think, because I like the way it feeeeels to think about. Anyway, here's a fun blast from the past. Hell, and what it sounds like. OOooooo...


And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the LAKE OF FIRE.

- Revelation 20:15

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