R2D2 Tones!

Found this R2D2 site that lets you create MP3s for ringtones in R2D2s chirping language. Here's my name in D2ish. My geek cred continues to skyrocket.

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Ginger Spice


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MacWorld 2007 Announcement #4

Anticipation is building up around Apple's big MacWorld event this coming Monday. After briefly slipping and naming the software products that will be released, Amazon.com renamed the place holder pages "Apple MacWorld Announcement" numbers 1 through 4. I wasn't sure I was going to like it until I read the user reviews for Apple MacWorld 2007 Announcement #4:


A nice-looking product but not nearly as reliable as Macworld 2007 Announcement #2. Mine crashed on startup, making it necessary to revert to the previous version. Maybe Apple will iron out the bugs in Announcement #5.


Once more, Apple has done it again! Announcement #4 is the best version of it I have used. Not only was it easy to install (insert disc and click on the installer icon) but the installation was fairly faster compared to previous versions. Once installed Announcement #4 was better than I expected. The whole thing seems snappier and more intuitive. I highly recommend it to anyone using a Mac.


Apple once again are the kings interface of design and ease of use. Apple MacWorld 2007 Announcement #4 was ridiculously easy to set up and getting started with. I got one, my two kids got one each and my wife is even thinking about getting one. The only problem I've had so far is that a piece of plastic on the backside was broken for me. I don't know how that happened, but I turned it in at one of their Apple retail stores and they fixed it for me pretty quick.


I've been using Apple MacWorld 2007 Announcement #4 for almost no time, and I can safely say it's the best #4 I've ever experienced. I thought #3 was good, but this is ridiculous.

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Mad magazine covers back in time. I found these covers to be an interesting way to look at history.






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Mine shall be off-white

Many of us take ribbons for granted. When cars pass us on the highway with 2, 3, even 8 ribbons it's easy for us to think that every cause has a ribbon.

Unfortunately, that's far from the truth.


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Night walking

Nice trick from Tricks of the Trade. I should have thought of this...

If you get up in the middle of the night to grab a glass of water, there's a simple way to avoid stubbing toes on the way back to bed. Close one eye just before you you turn on the light or open the fridge door, and keep it closed the whole time the light is on. When you turn the lights off, open both eyes. The eye you kept closed will still be dilated, and allow you to see in the dark.

With one eye shut you probably have like zero depth perception, which may make this whole exercise useless... you'll still stub your toe. I usually wander around at night by memory anyway. I suppose this trick could come in handy in unfamiliar places though...

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Someone has, like, been here before

Wow. This random Ask Metafilter page about finding pornography in the woods has me in stitches. It reminds me of the first images of naked girls I saw as a kid riding the bus to school. I'm really glad that it seems to turn out that extremely dangling labia like the first ones I laid my eyes on (pun intended) are actually kind of rare.

We now return to regularly scheduled programming.

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Konzert-Flügel für Schimmel

Ich fand dieses interessante Klavier. Ich wundere mich, wenn es hart ist, den Sitz zu justieren?


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Transferring the job of each box into number form is very laborious

I found this collection of pages from an old book called "How It Works... The Computer" surreal and absorbing.


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