6 Point Perspective

Most of us who have some art education remember learning how to draw in 2, 3 and, perhaps, 4 point perspective. Dick Termes is an artist who's developed a system to draw in 4, 5 and 6 point perspective. Neat. An easy way to wrap your head around 6 point perspective (pun intended, it's coming) is to imagine sticking your head inside of a sphere and painting the outside of it with everything you saw. The net is you can capture an entire scene on a ball. For a while I was thinking about marketing balls-of-places that were manufactered using some combination of Quicktime VR and a photo printer that could print on spheres to make souvenirs of pretty places. Imagine being able to take a 360° view of the Sistene Chapel home with you! Anyway, maybe I'll do this later. Maybe somebody else will.


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free pool table

Reply to: anon-100985096@craigslist.org
Date: 2005-09-30, 11:17AM EDT

Hi all

I have a 10ft pool table, that you can have. You have to be able to get blood stains out though. Me and the neighbor got into a fight over a game we bet on and i stuffed his head into one of the pockets. Feel free to come by and pick it up, it cause's to many fights.

P.S. incase your wondering the neighbor's fine, just missing a few teeth :0
no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


[Thanks Fuzzy!]

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The Stooges

A friend forwarded me this excerpt from an Iggy and the Stooges Bumbershoot rider:

Security: We will require the use of two dedicated and intensely loyal security persons to be stationed at the entrance to each of the two dressing rooms. Or do I mean one at each? Otherwise that would be four. And I think we only need two, one at each door. Wait a minuet, let's start again. May we have two dedicated and loyal security men, preferably built like a brick shithouses, one for each of the doors leading to the two dressing rooms. Unless ether of the two dressing rooms has an extra door.

Please count the number of doors in the dressing rooms and supply security
guards in a
1to1 ratio to that.

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The South Pole


Ben Saunders is going to the south pole. On skis. I remember being on the deck of The Fram while in Norway, but this guy is going to a whole new level. Check out the pictures from his previous expeditions... he's like 28.

[UPDATE] Oh man, I just donated $100 to the cause. I requested to be mile 200. My name's on the sled baby, hope I don't jinx anything. [/UPDATE]

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Rhapsody Music News


Guess who guest-hosted the music news show my colleagues and I make every week? Yikes.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the creepiest guy on Flickr.

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