Stress by the numbers

My mood today, in numbers:

- Number of consumer services I'm responsible for which the infrastructure basically seized up for some time today: 3
- Number of work-related emails received today, so far: 264
- Number of critical things I'm supposed to have delivered today: about 12
- Number of critical things I've actually delivered so far today: about 9
- Number of times I shut my office door, threw something and vented loud profanity: 3
- Number of blinking people waiting for responses in my IM client at any given time today: 5
- Number of people at other companies I wrote my best polite emails to today: about 30, cc:s included
- Number of hours spent thinking exclusively about great mobile user experiences: about 0
- Age of older woman I fell into bed with this weekend: [Removed at request of conscience]
- Number of drinks I'll have before I finish working tonight: [Removed at request of desire for continued employment]
- Number of ab fab friends I was supposed to hang out with tonight, but can't, because I have to work and/or type lists into my blog: 2 too many

Maybe I need to take a Lamaze class for men. Or boxing. This is not me being popular, or important, or bad or good at what I do. It's just me being where I wanted to be, I think.

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not really a knot

BowlineI've decided I need to make a study of knots. Mark kicked my ass with knots at Burning Man. An Eagle Scout, he remembered how to tie a bowline hitch, shown here, useful for looping a rope to something without slippage. Since I quit as a Tenderfoot, much to the dismay of my brothers (who both went on to become Eagles), I pretty much make up knots as I go, sometimes remembering how to tie a bowline, sometimes remembering my sheepshank, but otherwise I'm a total n00b.

Anyway, knots are yummy, useful and mathematically interesting. I'm going to become a pro.

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