That suspicion you're forgetting something

General insanity, like there's any other kind.

Frustrated because we're all acting like this will work.
We're all acting like it's raining gold, not magma.
We all seem to think that if we keep throwing bodies on the pyre eventually we will smother it.

Got a place for myself so I can scream without waking people up, then I had to get a roommate.

I interact with a world of ghosts. I try to say something nice or interesting or shocking to them everyday, but sometimes I'm distracted. Today I was lost in thought and completely forgot to flirt with the mexican lunch lady.

Must sleep with ex-girlfriend to get some kind of perspective. Or go on a vacation.

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Thinly veiled sexual poetry

bouncing dreams
wander through colors under covers

this whole place clothed in canvas breathing, listen:
perfectly good people riff on ripping each other in half
minds roam discovered rooms
in black and white and red all over

with delirious clarity we drown
until the morning rapes our sleep


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Blood, body-snatching and the birth of modern surgery


Every thing t'was going smoothly
Every thing was going well
Every thing t'was flowing truly
When you kicked him down the well

He'd such a lovely, lovely body
Such a lovely soul
T'was such a lovely dance he did
A hangin' from the pole

Oh, t'was such a darling dance he did
A hangin' from the pole

de doop de doop de doop de doop
de doop de doop de dole

He'd promised that he was your man
He said he'd love you true
He'd seemed like such a wholesome boy
Before you ran him through

Such a whitebread wholesome boy
Before he hanged with you

You kicked and kicked and kicked and tripped
You tripped because you fell
You fell because you kicked the crip
You kicked him down the well.

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The difference between love and "I'm trying to impress you"

Tonight I went to see the Salon of Shame, a public reading of embarrassing journal entries, poems, and frank diary bits from the adolescences of strangers. I've participated in this show in the past (I have no shortage of embarrassing creative effluence from my past) but I'm always stunned by the hilarity which exists in the archives of the pasts of my peers. A girl got up and read the "romance novel" she wrote after reading her first at the age of 13: "My Flaming Desire," starring a girl who can "speak to animals with her mind" and a "handsome," "romantic" protagonist fireman Captain Jack.
My sides split and shall never mend, tho' how I long they will.

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Selections from Mexico

Idea for symbol meaning "search for this (in Google or other search engine)" for use in printed academic papers and/or poetry.

The invisible scar.

Sitting there taking notes in the form of:
- the playing of the piano
- waterpolo
- sexual innuendo
- the introduction of pleasing smells, so as to influence the memory

Cannot influence the mind without some part of it suspecting what you're up to.

He knew enough to put it in technical terms.

Every couple of minutes some infinite series would interupt the otherwise mundane structure of everyday life.

"Do you know what they DO in the Ganges?"

A) A guru named Crazy Baba cut an inch off of his arm every year.
B) People who are genuinely afraid of you probably should be.

He's a mustard-cutting joke-making cup taker
who sits in the Ritz drinking six packs and routing for the Rams

With plan in hand he stands as man

Living like a six-figure stickfigure
drawn on a man sized swath of sloth

Crack-caller caws keep me crazy

American Male - A Guide Book

- Tomb-raiding wife beaters
- Self-styled gadget mongers
- Sprawl-dwelling bumper stickers
- Inky toke-takers
- Traning wheel assemblers
- Old farts in golf carts
- Doors fans

The story of the creation of the perfect mental postcard to yourself.

Community radio stations.

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Hello World

I've decided to start blogging more again. At the very least, blogging is therapeutic and forces concentration on one thing for longer than I've had a chance to think about anything over the last month or two. Work has been almost torturous as we ramp up to launch a new video service. When a friend commented today on my "boyishness" I almost choked on my tongue: been feeling stern, strict, stressed, sour... anything but boyish. I suppose it's nice to know that total relief is only one letter of resignation away, but I think I'll stick it out instead and see this puppy through.

Everytime I get excited talking about my job I think it's because I've realized a dream to see big ideas through to their completion. But man, these labor pains suck.

Anyway, of all things to focus my brief blog concentration on I had to choose work. Wish I could find the attention span to notice more than the fizzy bubbles at the top of the rest of the world for a while, I miss it. I have been almost completely single for, like, months. I don't even remember how to smile shyly at strangers. I considered it a personal success to get my gym shoes to work, even though I haven't used the gym there in months.

Sometimes I do a kind of exercise which involves slowly manipulating a 25lb weight around while doing a kind of yoga/butoh/tai chi - my own invention. It is totally more fun if you are stoned.

Plan of record on this blog going forward: I may correct less typos. I might blather on about meaningless things. I might post crude, offensive or downright stupid things. But I'm going to post more often and I think generally you'll like what you see, unless you think the above is lame, in which case you won't.


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Dear Universe,

What I'd like for Christmas:
  • One (1) Danish contortionist/masseuse/model/stripper girlfriend who makes her own whiskey, grows flowers, herbs and marijuana, plays banjo, likes to talk about technology while seducing me and can help me conquer trivia night.
  • Bill O'Reilly's head on a silver platter.
  • One (1) stick of shiny red lipstick so I can write funny slogans on forehead of above.
  • An all-expenses paid trip to visit Matt when he gets to Thailand, if he's going there, and Corinne, who will give me:
  • One (1) month of naked scuba diving lessons.

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I had this terrifying vision of the future:

Unrest in the mideast, fomented by the Bushist war in Iraq, leads to a dramatic increase in Islamicist terror events in France and Turkey. Driven by the ensuing chaos, Europeans shift to a more anti-eastern stance, tightening boarders and immigration standards, thereby causing protests among Muslim populations of the world. Further terrorist attacks follow, including dramatic bombings in Paris and Barcelona. Europe and America align together somewhat with Syria as the known enemy. Internal protests in these countries are increasingly handled with force.

An American political situation leads to a staged pullout of American forces from Iraq, eventually leading to civil war and genocide. Ironically, democracy prevails.

In a rational decision following recent history, Iran refuses any international investigation into its nuclear energy and weapons efforts and moves successively to the right politically. Iran invades the decimated Iraq and a new government rapidly emerges that holds power over both lands. The United Nation of Islam is officially unrecognized by the UN and the US, however it quickly finds powerful trading partners in some of the former soviet states and Russia, as well as some developing nations in Africa.

Syria, the UNI, a freshly royalist Saudi Arabia, and a few smaller islamic countries join in a collective under the leadership of a powerful Islamic cleric to protect conservative Islamic culture and further the economic power of member nations. All member countries formally withdraw from the United Nations, leading to a crisis in that organization. The UN forms a new structure consisting of 11 "premier" nations, including the US, Russia, France, Germany, China, Japan and Brazil. These nations can veto UN measures with a majority vote among them, a 2/3 majority of them can essentially control the UN's increasingly powerful military powers.

Increasing polarization in the world leads to strategic plays for Africa. The United States, lead by a powerful Democrat president, gives billions of dollars in food and medical aid to larger countries in that continent, with the requirement that large numbers of the population of "donor" countries join and train as members of the UN "peace-keeping" armed forces. A populist uprising occurs across Africa, islamicist ideas spread among the general populous, creating revolutionary wars against pro-UN governments.

Bird flu erupts in southeast Asia. The general tide of the virus is contained and controlled by an isolation of infected groups, but parallel efforts to create a vaccine unleash an adapting virus which turns out to be much harder to stop.

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terminal illness
sound policy
dirty mind
open mind
moving picture

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