Been a little distracted...

I remember a time, not long ago, when every little thing that crossed my mind seemed to make it online through this site. Something's happened, some combination of general distain for sitting in front of computers in my free time, time being filled by challenging workloads and more challenging.. um, social challenges, and a kind of boredom with the world of blogging, which, to me, is feeling a little less than cutting edge but is still useful and fun, in a sort of "we'll put up with run-on sentences" kind of way.

For what it's worth, though, I have been up to some Things and if anybody still checks into their reader for Throb I shall dubiously reward you for your patience.

For example, here's a picture of my new little house (yay!):


The nice thing about this place is that it has a two car garage and I only have one car (which is another recent acquisition, thanks to my friend Jason - aka He Who Shall Not Be Featured Online). Anyway, all of this means I can have a workshop in which to build prototypes of Projects. I really want to build a goddamned robot.

I was surprised a couple of weeks ago by an opportunity to take a business trip to Salzburg, Austria. I'll put most of the scandalous pics and commentary from that trip behind the jump, but here's a snapshot of me looking bored, per Matt and Mojo, in one of the most gorgeous places I've ever been.


Salzburg is just an amazing place:





Check out the view from the office:


I did have some fun with the guys from the Project...


Life is good. Next projects: Burning Man 2007, learning how to keep a driveway weed-free, working out... and I must have an art show this year.

Das iPhone comes out tomorrow:


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I bought a new Mac, monitor and TV set up this week. This'll be the first TV tuner I've ever owned and the integrated DVR functionality makes it a doozy. I've been pursuing some goals related to not dying before 40, so I figure that sitting around the house a little more and sitting around in bars a little less is probably a good thing. So Phase 1 involves getting a bunch of entertainment and creative productivity enhancers (done). This combined with more frequent exercise (so I can look more like this brainy monkey) and a healthy fruity breakfast occasionally augmented by experimental drug use should spontaneously cause me to laugh uproariously for no apparent reason. Phase 1.

Phase 2 will involve:

  • Serious weightlifting - I will have 14" biceps
  • Buying a suit - With striped trousers
  • Getting some wheels - I want to mod a Hummer to allow it to be powered by aborted fetuses - to confuse everybody
  • Instead of drinking beers and whiskeys together, start alternating beers and whiskeys with martinis or other classier drinks
  • Demanding that easter eggs with bizarre inside jokes be included in all our software products
  • Collecting everyones' mail addresses so I can send them random bizarre gifts

I just saw a skateboarder totally rip his knee open.

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