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Quotes from conservative fucknuts sitting next to me right now

"Stop the gravy train."

"You gotta learn how to be everyone's friend."

"Their brains are deteriorating, that's why they're watching those shows."

"These Seattle people.. they're going to realize that the future is in the eastside, they're going to move there eventually and that money is ours."

"You know what, in my mind, I'd rather have them gay."

"Don't mix it up, man, that guy doesn't like to lose."

"Gettin' paid larger."

"But. Can you pay your mortgage on that (and pay your old lady her subsidizing)?"

"I'd prefer to buy my own land and let them fuck up."

"The dumbest, most innocuous guy wins... why is that?"

This is super interesting, but I have to go back to not listening to you now.

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