Since nobody likes a grumpy asshat, here're some things I'm happy about right now:

- I've actually made trips to the gym successive days in a row. My extremely well-developed and rippling stomach *cough* is howling in protest, as it should be.
- I seem to have found my creative inclination again. Here's the trick, for future reference: just start doing something that requires a creative inclination. Start a sentence, or a line, or a thought (instead of a beer) and make yourself finish it.
- I got the sweetest email in the world from the girl who makes me woozy (in a good way, yo).
- I might have the opportunity to do some free traveling to interesting parts of the world.
- I have a website, and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it... but the imagination process is really fun. (I didn't create the image there, I put my brand on it. Sue me.)
- The design and site architecture I did for, which subsequently got accidentally replaced by the client, is going to be reinstated, which means I'll be able to stand looking at that site again and reading about the product that will revolutionize the way the physical world interacts with the digital world. And no, I'm not going to link to it until my design is back. :)
- My colleague had a cool idea for a fun sideline mobile application which I will help build.
- This summer is going to be awesome! Camping, travelling, Belltown, Omak, Indiana, Paris... I'll explain later.
- Tom's projects kick ass and take names.
- My brain seems to be devoid of tumors.
- My heart still works. See also: my arms and legs, my liver, etc. etc, Chuck Palahniuk.
- Knock on wood.

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Laptop's back!

My laptop came back from Apple as good as new and I'm off my blogbreak. I had actually intended to exercise my meager online publisher status with a scathing review of Apple's hardware support, due to the fact that it took A MONTH for them to replace the ($1400!?) screen on my PowerBook... but I suppose that since they replaced the entire slightly-dinged up exterior without charging me (err.. my employer) extra I really don't have too much to complain about.

I've decided to do a few things differently around here since I've been gone. As a part of a larger goal to "fake it until you make it" to improve my standing and life in general, I intend to up my blog entries to at least one a day, from the rough weekday schedule I've been on. I'll also redesign this bastard so I can stand looking at it. And I want to do more photoshops, more paintings, more drawings, more writing.. just... more. I want to be funnier, sexier, cooler, more artistic. Also I think that I'll reserve some weekend day for found pictures on the internet. I've been collecting these for years, I probably have gigs and gigs of them, so I mind as well share, copyright owners and collectors be damned... because I don't have the slightest record of where they came from.

That said, here's a cool site of pictures of the surface of the sun, which is a little like how I've been feeling lately:


Oh, warm shout out to my friend Nicole, who's leaving for New York soon and will be very much missed.

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