Two bike hammock rack sketch


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People to Kill

Tom Cruise
George Bush
That guy on the corner of Broadway and Pike with the God Abhors You sign during the Pride parade
The entire baptist congregation with a similar hateful philosophy
The bartender from Satellite with the neck tattoos
Steve (just 'cause, you bastard)
Viable threats
The news editor on the Today show
The BTK shithead
Tom Cruise
Michael Jackson
The rest of the Jacksons
The Pacers
James Dobson
The person who grew the pot I smoked yesterday
The person who didn't understand my coffee order after above
Meter maids
Tom Cruise
The homeless
The rich
The middleclass
Tom Cruise
Everybody else

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Ask Metafilter

I lost my Metafilter password, and I emailed Mathowie, but he won't send it to me. I can't post from my new computers! How do I get back in? The lost password thing is broken (see below) and I'm sure my email address of record has changed anyway. Gripe gripe gripe...


Update: Brilliantly I set my email address to "rhruska at" instead of "[email protected]," trying to avoid spam. Apparently the MeFi backend isn't as clever as I am (Tom Swift said, posting his email address on his.. blog). Maybe I should get a new account with a superhigh (and uncool) user number and a name that's a little more witty than "rhruska," which I typed in because I signed up during a rare time-sensitive free sign-up window about 3 years ago. Gripe gripe gripe.

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