Fantastic invention ideas

Stuff the world (ok, me) needs:
  • Software to make your home computer act like a server and let you browse and stream your library of MP3s to your phone and share them with your friends.
  • A universal TV-off remote in the shape of a Walther PPK.
  • High design inflatable couches equipped with an automated inflating system and internal lighting - which can be deflated and moved by one person.
  • Cellphone software that uses location-based and/or GPS technology to help you remember where you parked and lead you to your car.
  • A service that lets you know when the ads and previews end at particular movie theaters and saves you a good seat so you can show up just late enough.
  • A matter-spewer that lets you capture real world things and create physical object sculptures - kind of like how this (fucking stupendously amazing) thing lets you create paintings based on photography and video captures.
  • Grey goop - Computer-controlled and magnetically-powered super nanosubstance that becomes whatever you tell it to be.
  • A space elevator.
  • A computer work interface/exercise machine that uses some kind of force-feedback mechanism to make it physically difficult (and rewarding) to have an IT job. Pedal to keep the screen lit. Lift a weight to scroll. Execute a perfect kick to the shin of your virtual opponent (or better: competing coworker's avatar) to make a folder open. Etc.
  • Something similar to exercise the Spirit at work. Maybe an HR department that pays you on some kind of effectiveness/not-a-dickness scale.
  • A wireless C2B (customer to bartender) I-would-like-a-refill notification system.
  • Oh... solutions for poverty, homelessness, stupidity, greed, jealousy, meanness, depression, beer bellies, habitual scowls.

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