I can not has a kitty

I'd been experimenting with letting the cat out under supervision. Didn't want her to grow up stuck in a house. Let her sharpen her claws on trees and songbirds instead of my legs.

After my GothBQ Saturday night I let Bartleby out while we sat around the fire and watched her cautiously smelling things and batting them with her paws. Of course she found a shadow while we weren't looking. Of course she slipped away.

I put posters up last night, and a Craigslist ad.

Got a call this morning.

Apparently the neighbor's pit bull has caused problems around the neighborhood in the past. It was seen on Sunday morning outside its yard with a dead cat that sounds a hell of a lot like mine. I'm speechless, hurt, sad and angry beyond belief. Sorry to put something like this on my blog, I'm just trying to find a way to deal with this.

I love you Bartleby. I'm so sorry, buddy.

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