Re: Grabiquity. I did a t-shirt instead.

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A healthy dose of self-deprecation

Went dancing after a party on Saturday night and entertained the illusion that I look sexy attempting to combine the two styles of dance I think I know how to do: 90's gay raver club and bhangra. Usually I throw in a little Australian Aborigine stomp style that I saw in a movie once. Feels good. Sometimes I'm a little shy about being taller than everyone else on the floor. Then I OWN it.

Got the cheek when I went in for a relatively polite kiss after a second date. She's either got class or problems, neither of which have any business creeping into my life. Maybe I made her mad by asking pointed questions about her profession, which really is kind of alternative and obscure. I thought I was being interested.

Had an interaction with a cop this weekend. I was a "suspect." I had "evidence." I rode the razor thin edge of the law, and ladies and gentlemen I lived to tell the story. But not here. My lawyer's advised me to keep it off my blog.

Enjoy sentences with implied subjects.

Looking for a book to read that doesn't have anything to do with non-fictional accounts of how man is destroying the world. Something funny and poignant. Got any ideas? "Collapse" has turned my soul into a whimpering puppy.

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Making up for lost time

Haven't had much time to blog lately, but in the interest of time, here's a quick update on what's going on in my version of the world:

A) Politics

The president seems to think nuclear proliferation is a good policy given the fact that we're too overstretched to attack Iran. He has the brains of a domino.

B) Love

[Morning Throb censored this post]

C) Work

Cingular Video was released into the wild. My cronies and I had a lot to do with it. I'm proud of this and am aggressively dancing in the turbulence of this bullet.

One of the cool things that happened was this: a document I created that we used to internally keep track of things ended up being structured well enough that a developer used it as the core of a secondary monitoring system. Made my day. I know this may sound like nonsense to most of you, but really, stuff like this makes it feel like I'm building a blossoming sponge, which isn't as gross as it sounds.

D) Movies

Apparently there's nothing interesting out right now. A Scanner Darkly isn't coming out until July. Bleh. Do me a favor and let me know if you know of something delicious that's out now or coming soon. I need me some passive entertainment loving and I still can't commit to television.

I think the Professor's short film is coming to SIFF soon, I'll let you know.

E) Other Entertainment

Going to see the Degenerate Art Ensemble on Saturday night. All other social plans are largely irrelevant. This may be contributing to (B).

I guess Mogwai is coming to town soon, should be cool.

F) MetaThrob

I'm changing my link policy: clicks here don't open in new windows anymore. It's too much work and it feels like I'm being a jerk to folks who don't already carefully manually override such behavior by using decent browsers.

I'm thinking of making a secret offensive Jello Biafra + porn blog of some kind that my mom doesn't know about, but I don't know how to do this anonymously without it costing me money.

G) MySpace

I've decided to cross the line and customize the stylesheet for my neglected MySpace page, bringing me 2% into line with the hippest 16 year olds in the world and fully disaligning myself with an editorial I heard on the radio recently which claimed that such customization called you out as Gen Z.

This hasn't happened yet, I just have a rainy day plan. And I'm not giving you a link if you don't have it already, there's nothing interesting to see there yet anyway. I'm going to compose a piece of plays-automatically music specifically for that space. Maybe when that happens I'll tie the world together.

H) Will start making lists with numbers like the rest of the world.

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The only thing that's keeping me from being completely stupendously happy right now is my relationship with my friend and her friends.

So I'll say this to them and you: I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, it was a silly accident, I came across as a bastard... but I was honestly trying to communicate how crazy and raw I felt and I chose the wrong moment, the wrong metaphor.

I'd like to see the other side of your head, if you have a second. You are a source of tremendous joy for me.

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Somebody set us up the bomb

Awful bombing in London today, as everybody already knows. After the complete failure of 9/11 to change anything about how The Man (in this case maybe G8 financial relationships with the rest of the world?) works, it's an absolute shame that the parties responsible think this tragic and cowardly loss of life will further their cause in any way. I wish my modest blog had the reach to connect with limpdick literal mouthbreathing fundamentalists so that my opinion could maybe make an impact... but I'm pretty sure cancerous reactionary nitwits are beyond the scope of my audience.

Anyway... MD found this photo album. Mefi has a good thread. BBC has a timeline. I'm sad, and resigned.


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