Real and Microsoft partnership

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More news...

Real made another couple of mobile announcements today, one of which I'm fairly intimately involved with: Real is working with Cingular to bring a next-generation video service to market. This article gets it totally wrong, Real - rTV in one form or another has been available for years; our new service on Cingular is built on a totally new platform called Helix OnlineTV and the inside stuff is amazing.

It feels great to be involved with so many things that are built on inspiring technology and are making the news. I love watching the results of dedicated and wonderful people coming together to make something new. Hopefully I'll get a chance to work with my wonderful friend Elaine as she settles into her new job.

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Rhapsody Radio

I've been too busy with work lately to really have it in me to keep up on Throb like a good kid, but at least today I get to see some of the benefit. We finally got to release a music service for Sprint multimedia phones. It's amazingly gratifying to see a creative process go from ideas and specification documents all the way out the door to funny posts on blogs I read regularly and reports and reviews from all across the web. The whole reason I got into working in mobile is because I wanted to find a class of technology and user-oriented services in which I could really make an impact, and I feel that Rhapsody Radio is the first little plant I've seen go from seed to tree. I'm really hoping Sprint customers enjoy it and particularly that they find a use for our KCRW podcast content and freestyle rapping station.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good about this baby.

Many thanks to Sanam, John, Matt, Tara, Kevin, Phil and the many other people at Real who contributed. We've got more great stuff up our sleeves, stay tuned.

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